Sunday, March 1, 2009

Parking at OU among cheapest in Big XII

While parking permits at OU may seem expensive, they are actually the cheapest in the conference, with students at other universities paying over $600.

UOSA has discovered OU's parking permits for the 2008-2009 school year are the cheapest in the Big XII and are not expected to rise in the future.

Currently, OU's commuter parking passes are $73.20 for a permit that will expire on May 15th. In comparison, a garage permit for commuters at the University of Texas is $602, while a similar permit at Kansas State will cost a student $150.

"It really is good to know," said Tiffany Stimson, elementary education sophomore. "A lot of people get frustrated about parking, and it is just nice to know that we have it better than other places."

Better yet, the permit prices are estimated to not being raised next year, according to Kris Glenn, public relations for the Parking and Transportation office.

To hear more on Stimson's views, press play.

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