Sunday, March 1, 2009

New building offers a lot to students

The brand new Lissa and Cy Wagner Hall offers a nice study area among other things to students. The building is located dead north of the Oklahoma University football stadium.

The new Lissa and Cy Wagner Hall addition to OU's campus is providing students with many valuable assets.

"It has quickly become my favorite place to study," said Emily White, psychology sophomore.

The new building has been specified as the official University College building and replaces the old building across from the Oklahoma Memorial Student Union. The new building was completed earlier this year and has become available to students for the first time this semster.

Wagner Hall offers counselors and private study rooms that can be reserved ahead of time among other things. The study rooms are luxurious and even have keypads that let a person know if the room is occupied, said White.

Click play to hear White go into more detail about her thought of the new Wagner Hall.

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