Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gaylord Ad and PR Agency

Above: The new add agency facility on the 2nd floor of the new wing of Gaylord Hall will allow students the opportunity to work with real clients and get hands on experience with state of the art facilities and a student ran operation.
A new student- led public relations and advertising agency will be on the second floor of the new Gaylord wing next semester.

The PR and ad agency has yet to be named and has been a dream since the Gaylord building has been designed, said professor David Tarpenning. The agency will begin training this summer and will begin operations in the fall.

After a profit is generated, which could be as early as the spring, scholarships could be made available for those involved. While the interview and application process is over, students are still welcome to apply next fall for the spring of 2010.

"It is a great experience for students to deal with real clients from around the nation and get hands on experience," said Andrew Jones, advertising junior. "Working for a student led agency is makes students infinitely more marketable, as employers would rather see students work for an agency as opposed to internships."

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